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The 24 hour help desk is located at our Cardinal Gardens customer service center, which is also the place of check-in and check-out.
3131 S. McClintock Ave Los Angeles CA 90007
(213) 743-5200

Getting to USC from the LAX airport: There are 2 ways to get to the USC campus from LAX:
1) By taxi costs about $40.
2) Two companies offer shared van service from LAX: Super Shuttle and Prime Time Shuttle. Super shuttle charges $24 to the USC area, and Prime Time shuttle charges $15 to the USC area. You may pre book your shuttle online ( and ). Alternatively, it is possible to book a shuttle ride at the LAX airport itself. Representatives of the two shuttle companies are easily found at the Ground Transportation area at LAX.

If you wish to be dropped off at the USC housing arranged for NT14 attendees, the arrival address is 3131 S McClintock Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90007.

Getting around USC: A campus map indicating the location of the Satellite symposia, main venue, and USC accommodations can be found here.

Registration/Badge Pick-up: Registration will begin at 4PM on Sunday June 1 at 920 Bloom Walk, Los Angeles, CA 90089, indicated on the campus map here.

Welcome Reception: The Welcome Reception will begin at 6PM on Sunday June 1 at 920 Bloom Walk, Los Angeles, CA 90089 (co-located with the registration desk), click here for the campus map.

USC Campus Housing: For those staying in USC Campus housing, check-in is handled at the Cardinal Gardens Customer Service Center (CSC) at 3131 S. McClintock Ave., Los Angeles CA 90007. Staff will be present to assist you. Upon check-in at the front desk, you will receive a guest card to access the complex and the parking gate. Please carry your access card with you at all times and report any lost passes to the CSC immediately. If you lock yourself out the front desk staff will assist you. The front desk number is (213) 743-5200.

The requirements for poster presentations: Posters should be 40” (wide) x 36” (Tall)

Q: Is it possible to register on Monday morning?
A: Yes, you will be able to register at the main Auditorium any time after 8AM.

Q: Where will the conference be held? I didn’t understand it from the map.

Q: Where are the satellite symposia held?
A: The NT14 Satellite Symposia will be held at the Grace Ford Salvatori Hall (GFS 106), 900 Childs Way Los Angeles, CA 90089 (Geocode: 34.021320, -118.288064 ) and Stauffer Science Lecture Hall (SLH 100, SLH 102), 831 Bloom Walk, Los Angeles, CA 90089 (Geocode: 34.019678, -118.287469).

Q: Will it be possible that I attend the MSIN14 satellite workshop even though I didn’t register for it?
A: Yes, admittance to any of the satellite symposia is included with the NT14 registration. Your attendance is encouraged.

Q: What are the start and stop times of each talk?
A: Talks are 15, 30, and 45 minutes. A nominally “15-minute” talk will be 12 minutes with 3 minutes for Q+A. 30- and 45-minute talks will be 25 minutes with 5 minutes for Q+A.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for parking in USC near the conference venue?
A: During the week (for the main conference), you should enter through the
gate located at: 1068 W 36th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90089 (geocode: 34.022018,
-118.291356). They will instruct you where to park. Parking is $10/day.

During the weekend (for satellite symposia), you should enter through the
gate located at: 950 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90089 (geocode:
34.024997, -118.287118). They will instruct you where to park. Parking is

Q: Could you please also advice on parking and registration for satellite?
A: On campus parking is available for $10/day. The parking attendant at the main entrance to campus (on Jefferson Blvd & McClintock Ave) will tell you where to park. Go directly to the satellite symposia and register afterwards.

Q: What amenities are available at the USC Housing?
A: USC will provide towels and blankets, but you will have to bring your own shampoo and soap. All rooms have free wifi. More information can be found here:

Q: Where can I eat breakfast?
A: “Seeds” located at: 3607 Trousdale Pkwy, Los Angeles, CA 90089 (geocode: 34.020617, -118.286066). Seeds Marketplace opens at 7AM and is located right next to the main auditorium (Bovard).

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